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Pizza World Online ("we", "us", "our") offers a mobile messaging program (the "Program"), which you may participate in according to these Mobile Messaging Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (the "Agreement"). By opting into or participating in any of our Programs, you agree to these terms, including binding, individual arbitration for disputes, as described in the "Resolution of Disputes" section below. This Agreement specifically pertains to the Program and does not alter any other Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policies governing other interactions with us.

User Consent to Program:

By enrolling in the Program via online forms or any application-based process, you are opting in to receive SMS/MMS messages. Your participation signifies your consent to these terms and acknowledges that purchases are not conditioned upon such consent. You understand that we may not use an automatic telephone dialing system for every message, although you may receive messages that are sent using one. Message and data rates may apply.

User Opt Out:

You may discontinue participation in the Program at any time by replying with keywords such as STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, or QUIT to any of our messages. A confirmation message will be sent to you upon opting out. These keywords represent the sole reasonable methods for opting out.

Responsibility to Notify:

Should you decide to cease using your mobile number, you must opt out of the Program using the aforementioned methods before relinquishing your number. Failure to do so may result in you being liable for any costs incurred by us or any party assisting in message delivery, as a result of messages sent to the person who acquires your old number.

Program Details:

The Program is focused on providing marketing information regarding our pizza products and services.

Cost & Frequency:

Expect recurring messages. Message frequency will vary according to your interaction with us. Standard message and data rates may apply.


For assistance, text "HELP" to the number from which you received messages or email us at (note that this email is not for opting out).

MMS Capability:

If your device is not MMS-enabled, the Program will revert to SMS messages.

No Warranty:

The Program is provided without warranties and may not function across all carriers or devices, nor is it guaranteed to operate perpetually. We are not responsible for message delays or failures.


You must own a mobile device, subscribe to a carrier with messaging plans, and be capable of two-way messaging. The service is not universal across all carriers.

Age Restriction:

No one under the age of thirteen may participate. Those between 13-18 must have parental permission.

Prohibited Use:

You agree not to use the Program for any illegal or abusive content, including offensive language, spam, or other prohibited materials.

Resolution of Disputes:

Disputes arising out of the Program will be settled by arbitration in the jurisdiction of our principal place of business, adhering to AAA rules.

General Terms:

By participating, you affirm that you are fully able to enter into and comply with these terms. Our failure to enforce any right does not waive our ability to enforce it later. Should any part of this Agreement be deemed invalid, the remaining parts will be enforceable. This Agreement is subject to change, with updates communicated to you.

By participating in the Program, you agree to this Agreement as presented.
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