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Pizza World is interested in you! Find everything you need to know about our expanding network of restaurants within this info pack.

Save Thousand of Dollars!

Only 2.75% Royalty



That’s right: just 2.75% royalty, and 0% marketing funds. You work hard and Pizza World lets you keep more of your profits!

When most franchise systems are charging 4 to 5%, with a marketing fund of 2 to 3% off the top of your sales, it makes it extremely tough to profit. Our low royalty rate of 2.75% and 0% marketing fund will save you thousands of dollars each month. Think about it: most franchise systems require you to have a large amount of net worth, or require you to open multiple stores. They realize paying their high percentage of royalty off the top requires you to have multiple stores to make a decent living. You’ve invested your hard-earned money and you work hard. A Pizza World Franchise allows you to keep more.
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From traditional pies to unique flavors of the world, Pizza World is changing the way the world thinks about pizza. Our pizzas are prepared with fresh, never frozen, pizza dough made in our stores daily. We then top your pizza with our classic, robust-flavor pizza sauce manufactured just for Pizza World. We offer a variety of sauces, like olive oil glaze, our specialty buffalo sauce, our homemade ranch sauce and many more. We then top your pizza with the highest grade of real Wisconsin mozzarella cheese. We offer specialty cheeses like baby feathered Swiss, provolone and feta. If vegetables are your flavor, Pizza World slices your favorite veggies fresh, in-store, daily.

Pizza & Subs

Maybe you’re in the mood for a sub. Why go anywhere else? Pizza World offers fresh, oven-baked subs that compete well with the world’s best sub shops. Don’t forget the salad! Pizza World offers glorious gourmet salads using a healthier romaine lettuce.


If wings are your thing, you’ll fall in love with Pizza World’s boneless and bone-in wings. From the classic buffalo style, to Pizza World’s own garlic parmesan, spicy Thai, mango habanero and more.

Creative Eye-Popping Marketing

Pizza World has invested – at no charge to our franchisees – eye-popping, top-notch marketing materials: menus, postcards, flyers, coupon ads, in-store posters, window clings, box toppers and much more. When most franchise chains charge you on a monthly basis for marketing materials, Pizza World provides sales-boosting materials at no cost to our franchisees, saving you hundreds of dollars each month!
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Pizza World offers a state of the art online ordering system. Your customers can access menus, coupons and promotional specials from their computer, or on the go with our easy to order mobile apps. As online ordering continues to grow, Pizza World is poised to help you increase customer orders and higher average tickets. Our e-commerce platform works in sync with your store’s POS system. It’s like Pizza World virtual employees!
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Pizza World offers a world of flavor: high quality, fresh ingredients, gourmet and traditional pizza, along with tasty subs and glorious salads and wings for dine-in, carry out and delivery. Pizza World has something for everyone!

If you’re a seasoned restaurant operator, or new to the food business, Pizza World welcomes you! Our extensive franchise training and support will be with you every step of the way.

Are you ready to taste the world?
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